‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Wage Gap Rumors and Florence Pugh Feud Are

Olivia Wilde says "don't focus" on any bits of hearsay twirling around the "Don't Worry Darling" set.

Not in the least did chief Olivia Wilde fire Shia LaBeouf before FKA Twigs' sexual maltreatment claims against him,

 "Don't Worry Darling" fight, with Pugh appearing to contradict Wilde on the film's message on female sexuality.

 Site Showbiz Galore initially announced that Pugh was paid $700,000 for the film, while Styles made $2.5 million. 

Wilde originally saw Pugh in Ari Aster's "Midsommar," which appeared in 2019.

 particularly as far as scrutinizing female creatives and producers and setting them in opposition to one another.