The reality is we've got some learning to do'

NEW ORLEANS - - Brian Kelly's presentation as LSU's head football trainer didn't need for show.

In the wake of revitalizing from 14 focuses down in the final quarter Sunday night against Florida State 

when Seminoles guarded back Shyheim Brown impeded Damian Ramos' kick to get the 24-23 triumph for Florida State.

It was the second hindered kick of the night for Florida State, which obstructed a LSU field objective endeavor in the principal half.

. They likewise neglected to handle a couple of dropkicks, the two of which the Seminoles recuperated.

"Many slip-ups for us, especially in the principal half," Kelly said in offering his appraisal of the game. 

Daniels was 26-of-35 passing for 209 yards and two scores without any interferences.