Birthday boy Lewandowski and super-sub Fati down La Real with rampant second half

, Barcelona were searching for a circle back as they ventured out to San Sebastián to take on Real Sociedad.

Robert Lewandowski stowed the opener only 44 seconds into the match as the birthday kid hoped to lead that bounce back

however in general it looked abnormal through the initial 45 minutes. Barcelona seemed disconnected in various regions,

After halftime, in any case, Real Sociedad misses and the profound Barcelona seat swung the match for Xavi's side. 

The success gives Barcelona a four-point pull from their initial two matches and denotes a critical improvement from the season opener. 

The Sporting News will be following the match live and giving score updates, critique and features as they occur.

Lewandowski is a star, and one more year on paper doesn't appear to be dialing him back at this time.